About Us

I am Elizabeth, the owner and creator behind the designs & fonts of Nichole Andrew! I have 2 kiddo's, Kaylie & Garrett. My shop is named after both me and my husband AND our kids! We have the same middle names {Nichole & Andrew} so it just worked out for me!When my daughter was born, I had a physical craft shop with bows and tutu's and I designed bottlecap images. I eventually moved into embroidery and then had to stop physical products all together because of a move. I kept selling and creating bottlecap images, and still do for a small group of customers.

I did newborn photography between the years that my daughter was born and when my son was born, but because my son was having some issues - I had to stop. I just didn't trust other people to watch him! Thankfully, all of his issues have fixed over time, and now he is a super healthy and active 4 year old! I really started focusing on my design shop(s) when he was born, back in 2016.

Now, I have expanded back into physical products offering screen print transfer shirts - but I am actually going to be closing that shop and opening Muddy Feet Apparel VIP, which will be offering screen print t-shirts that is focused on living life outdoors (hunting, fishing, camping, etc.)

When I am not designing and working on my shop, I love to spend time with the family! We tend to go camping, exploring, fishing, crabbing, swimming, to the beach & more! I don't particularly care what we are doing as long as we are together when doing it. Some of my favorite memories from the last few years have been our spur the moment trail walks through new places or vacations away from reality (Like when we surprised Kaylie on her 9th birthday in front of the Disney castle!)
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