Jan 7th 2021

What Is a Mockup? (And Why Do I Want To Use Them?)

What is a mock up?
(And why do I want to use them?)

So lets set the picture, you've got yourself a little craft business. You're making car decals, t-shirts, maybe tumblers? Or maybe you're sublimation t-shirts and ornaments? And every time you get a new design, you have to make another sample project. Wasting your time and materials. Then, you have to store the sample until it sells, which could be months. Your profit is just sitting on the shelf, waiting to be sold. There has to be a better way, right? Well, there is - Mockups! 

But what is a mock up, really? A styled photograph of a blank product! 
Mock ups are often styled for certain holidays or themes and have coordinating props and "extras" to make your product seem more enticing to customers. 

How do you use a mockup though? Simply open the mock up in your design program of choice (a couple good freebies are: GIMP, Inkscape and BeFunky**), open your design (must be PNG, transparent background) and layer it on the product!

Want to try a mock up before you buy? Head over to our Freebies section to grab the mock up used in our example below! 

We refer to a mockup in this post as a "craft" mockup, these are flattened, JPEG photos. There are "Smart" Mockups which require layering in software like photoshop. 

*We do not suggest using mock ups for a product you have never made. Mock Ups should only be used to showcase items you can recreate. 

** To use befunky (free online!) - open collage maker, then add mock up photo from computer, open PNG version of your design. Add mock up to "collage" (delete any extra image cells, you will only need one). Click on your design and press "add as layer". Then resize your design to fit the product (remember that sizing is important!). Now name and save your image to your computer! DONE!