How To Install A Font On Windows

Here, we will show you the process of installing a font on a windows computer. If you are still having trouble, please reach out to us - we would love to help! 

First, locate the downloaded font. This may be in a Zipped folder, which will need to be unzipped: 

To unzip, simply right click and press extract all. Windows 10+ computers have the ability to unzip without a 3rd party program. If you have a 3rd party (like WinZip) installed, you may need to remove it. 

A new popup window will appear -  press extract: 

Once extracted, another pop up window will appear with the extracted files. 
(Please note, if no windows appears, you can go back to your downloads folder to see the extracted file) - 

The _MACOSX file can be deleted! This file is 100% useless for all windows computers, and is created once a file that was zipped on a Mac is unzipped on a windows device. 

Double click the font you wish to install to open the font preview - and press "install" 
(please note, you can also right click and press - install for all users) 


Your font has now been installed, and you can use it in programs which allow fonts. You *may* need to restart the program for the font to show. Enjoy & happy crafting!